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Call sign              Lasso

Origin            Krack C x  Alasca

Year of birth         2002

Gender                 Stallion (approved)

Stick size                174 cm

Color                       Mold

Level                    Light Tour

Pedigree               KWPN

Velázquez, aka Lasso, is the horse with which I made the first and perhaps steps in my competition career. Because of his willing character and a super ring mentality he has been able to take me far with the youth. With Velázquez I won my first big prizes, including team silver at the European Junior Championships in 2015 in Vidauban_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_en Bronze at the Dutch Championships in the same year.

After my transition to the Young Riders and our preparation for the U25, I unfortunately had to part with Velázquez in consultation with my trainer and guidance and he moved to another rider in 2017.

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